Chillbe, LOK’s Safety Mascot

Chillbe is not new here! He has been LOK’s safety mascot since we launched in 2012, encouraging kids and young adults to ‘keep their dreams safe’ from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Chillbe was Lindsey’s canine companion and his heart matched hers in size, as they both cared for everyone they met. Both left their indelible mark behind on those they loved and those who learn about them through the opportunities LOK fosters to make dreams come true, especially for young artists!

We created a Chillbe coloring page we distribute at all of our Carbon Monoxide Awareness Events. The page educates kids about the dangers of CO. and at the same time, encouraging the children to think about the life they want to create for themselves. As the children write out their dreams on the  page, they take the first important step in making their dreams happen!!

In 2016 Chillbe made his debut in Bloomington on Indiana University’s campus. He encouraged students to keep their animals safe from CO, whether their pets are at home with their families or on campus with the student.

Chillbe is an effective safety mascot because many times people naturally want to protect animals, since they depend on us for their safety and care. When we encourage people to help their pets, they’ll be helping their whole household as well. In fact, pets frequently suffer the dangerous effects of CO at a disproportionate rate to their humans simply because they spend more time indoors, often alone when their people are at work or school outside the home.

Chillbe has won the hearts of many and he’s not finished…

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Download the coloring page!

Chillbegetting Colored