CO Awareness
Dec 12th, 2017

Despite pressure from the Indiana Apartment Association, we are not going away

Michigan City's ongoing efforts to require carbon monoxide detectors in residential properties was met with opposition early last month from the Indiana Apartment Association.

Dec 6th, 2017

State commission rejects Region community efforts to require carbon monoxide detectors

INDIANAPOLIS — A state commission is continuing to thwart efforts by Northwest Indiana communities to improve public safety by requiring carbon monoxide detectors be installed in residential properties.

The Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission unanimously voted Tuesday to reject Michigan City's carbon monoxide detector ordinance, and agreed to postpone action on a more stringent ordinance recently approved by adjacent St. Joseph County.

>>> Click here for full story by Dan Carden from the Northwest Indiana Times

CO Awareness
Nov 30th, 2017

Indiana building safety agency challenging local efforts to require carbon monoxide detectors

Indiana Fire Prevention & Building Safety Commission is challenging local efforts to require carbon monoxide alarms.

CO Awareness
Nov 1st, 2017

Porter County Indiana Approves First Reading of CO Ordinance

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - The Porter County Board of Commissioners approved a first reading of a new CO ordinance. Second reading will be Nov. 14th, please join us to voice your support

CO Awareness
Oct 20th, 2017

Michigan City Passes Local Carbon Monoxide Ordinance

October 17, 2017 - Michigan City approves local carbon monoxide ordinance by vote of 9 to 0!

CO Awareness
Oct 2nd, 2017

Local Fire Departments Give Carbon Monoxide Awareness a Boost

Many local firehouses are sponsoring CO awareness events in the coming weeks and months, in conjunction with Fire Safety Week. The Valparaiso Fire Department hosted LOK for in house training for their team on carbon monoxide and presented us with a donation as well! Great timing since it falls within our current Give Day campaign.

CO Awareness
Sep 26th, 2017

LOK Give Day Event

LOK Give Day Event October 6th-7th

Fund Raising
Sep 26th, 2017

LOK Give Day Event October 6th-7th

Aug 1st, 2017

Jo Barron

Lindsey's aunt supports the foundation primarily because of its efforts to save lives from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Jun 19th, 2017

South Bend Business Man Spreads the CO Message