May 1st, 2017

Dan O’Meara

For many years, a local landscaping service has assisted in our lawn care.   A couple years ago, one of the crew members suffered a seizure-like episode at our home.  It was traumatic.   Upon asking his boss what had happened, I learned that several years earlier, this young man and a co-worker suffered carbon monoxide poisoning while cleaning carpets, due to equipment running in an enclosed space.   Fortunately, they were dragged out of the apartment in time and received adequate medical attention; however, the resulting brain damage was sever and permanent.

About the time of this very personal incident, I learned of the existence of the LOK Wishing Tree Foundation and of the work they strive to accomplish in raising awareness of this silent but very serious killer. I cannot express how important their task of exposing innocent but unaware people to the proximate danger of this ever present danger.

I’ve been fortunate to have been educated that death or permanent disability are the very real consequences of CO exposure.  To get that message out, is a most worthwhile and urgent mission, a mission every adult should support.

Thank you for your consideration,

Dan O’Meara, Valparaiso, Indiana