Dec 12th, 2017

Despite pressure from the Indiana Apartment Association, we are not going away

Michigan City's ongoing efforts to require carbon monoxide alarms in residential properties was met with opposition early last month from the Indiana Apartment Association.

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The IAA is a powerful lobbying group that has worked in the background to stop Carbon Monoxide (CO) legislation. Their comment, that they want statewide ‘consistent’ protection, is simply an attempt to stall local regulations while they continue to work to stop statewide legislation, which ‘if’ it is to happen, is years away.

IAA President Lynne Petersen's areas of concern are non-issues and have been addressed in numerous other cities throughout the US and have proven to work and save lives. One recent example in Vermont is cited here. 

Increasingly, more people/families are choosing to live in rentals than homes these days due to the affordability and they deserve the same protection as homeowners.

These CO ordinances are intended to be a ‘stop gap’ measure, providing the tools necessary, while the newly appointed IRCC attempts to amend Indiana’s archaic building code. And there is NO assurance or guarante that this commission will provide CO protection in the amended building code.

Let's think about this for a minute…a state working from a 2003 building code is NOT safe. Ask any firefighter.

Michigan City Fire Marshal Kyle Kazmierczak last week said he was extremely frustrated by the commission, which he described as "inept" since it primarily is made up of building and construction industry representatives and includes only two firefighters.

"Until there's parity there these ordinances will never be enacted," Kazmierczak said. "What they're doing, in my opinion, is trying to draw it out as long as possible so we just go away."

Excerpted from an article by Bob Kasarda of the NWI Times.  >> Read full article here.

It works. It is reasonable. It is right. And it is life saving. Don't Hoosiers deserve the same protections afforded residents of nearly all other states in the country?

We will continue our efforts to fight this battle on behalf of Hoosiers. Your support is appreciated. To donate, click here.