Nov 1st, 2017

Porter County Indiana Approves First Reading of CO Ordinance

On September 27, 2017, the Porter County Planing Commission voted 8-0 to amend the Porter County Municipal Code, the addition to Title 15, Building and Construction, with Chapter 15.34 entitled, Ordinance Establishing the Requirements for Carbon Monoxide Detection.

On October 31, 2017, the ordinance was presented for a first reading before the Porter County Board of Commissioners during their regular meeting and it passed unanimously. 

Kathy Sipple, Marketing Director for LOK Wishing Tree and Marvin Miller, Union VP for Valparaiso Firefighters Local 1124 spoke on behalf their 70 members to voice their unanimous support. The document Sipple referenced to cite statistics for societal costs of carbon monoxide are available at this link.  Video of the meeting is available above. 

One commissioner, Jim Biggs, seemed to hesitate, doubting whether there was a need since today's furnaces are better than those of 20 years ago; however there are a number of others sources for CO besides furnaces so we believe this argument is not valid. He also stated that it is not the role of government to require CO alarms and that citizens should have the responsibility to install them on their own; however, this can put a disproportionate burden on those citizens least able to afford to protect their homes from CO, such as the impoverished and/or renters. 

Please join us to lend your support when it comes before the Board of Commissioners for the second reading on November 14th. Agenda and details will be available at this link.