Apr 3rd, 2017

Sue and Bob Tagmyer

I have seen several of the art programs provided by the LOK Foundation for the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington, Indiana. They are entertaining, educational and inspiring for underprivileged children who not only get to witness excellent artistry, but also be “up close and personal” with these artists, able to interact with them to learn how they began their careers and thus creating in their formative minds the idea that YES! they, too, could follow in those footsteps if they so chose.  Dreams are truly birthed through these programs.

When I first think of LOK Wishing Tree Foundation, I think of how it helps children and young adults fulfill their dreams in performing arts. At the same time, I also think of how this wonderful foundation saves lives by increasing awareness about accidental carbon monoxide poisoning and reducing the likelihood of this preventable tragedy. It truly is a wonderful Foundation with a great mission!

~ Sue & Bob Tagmyer of Denver, Colorado