Dec 5th, 2016

Timmy Baron

Some of my fondest memories growing up were the trips my family would take from Owensboro, KY to LaPorte, IN to visit our favorite cousins. Though it was a grueling 8 hour drive, my mom having 4 kids under 10 and her sister Dot having 4 kids under 10, the amount of fun that would be had when we arrived would rival that of renting out all of Disney World for a private event.  

Amongst this group of family was Lindsey. Lindsey and I were only a year apart. She was the one I would get the most excited about seeing. We had similar interests, laughed at the same things and our imaginations would sync quicker than a pair of identical twins.

However, the place in my heart for the LOK Wishing Tree Foundation goes beyond remembering Lindsey. Though CO awareness and saving lives is the steam that runs this engine, the amount of young artists that have been encouraged and inspired to pursue their love for the arts is the fire that creates this steam.

Lindsey and I shared a love for the performing arts. Because of her I have been able to share that same joy with young kids who may not have had a chance to experience this love. What a gift it has been to see 6 year olds begin to understand what it means to be confident in front of a group of people, say yes to each other and follow the fear that can be so detrimental to personal growth.

Like I stated before, I have a huge place in my heart for the LOK Wishing Tree Foundation, not just because of my beautiful cousin Lindsey but because of the beauty that has been created for others out of such a tragedy.

I love you, Lindsey, and I can only hope that you are looking down and smiling at the lives that are being saved, changed and developed because of the memory of you.

Timmy Barron - Chicago, Illinois