Lindsey O’Brien Kesling (LOK) was a big sister at the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington, IN while  she was a student at Indiana University. Lindsey continued to mentor  her little sister at the Club post graduation. After Lindsey got her ‘wings’, Lindsey’s mother (Dot Kesling) called the Club informing them of her daughter’s passing and asked their assistance in sharing the news with Lindsey’s “little sister”, a young 10 year old girl.

Matthew Searle, Program Director at the Club, was a source of strength and support throughout the sensitive process of sharing with the student and her mother. There are no coincidences.  Soon after, Dot learned of Matthew’s vision and hope to develop a Performing Arts Program. Upon sharing her daughter’s passions and with funding support from the LOK Wishing Tree Foundation…..a collaborative vision emerged!

We are grateful for the heartfelt commitment by Matthew Searle (Program Director) and his team at the Club. We are pleased to announce that this program received a 2013 Merit Award for Program Excellence in the Arts from Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA).

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